Equipped with MPPT solar charge controller, Axpert MKS range of hybrid inverters are the perfect choice for regulating and maximizing DC power to charge the battery banks. This is one compact inverter that provides reliable power conversion through its transformerless design.

Axpert MKS inverters are the ultimate choice for your refrigerators, pumps, televisions, computers, compressors, power tools, laser printers, and all other high-load home appliances.

Main Features

  • Pure sine wave hybrid inverter
  • Output power factor equal to 1
  • Extended battery life cycle and superior performance through inbuilt battery equalization function
  • MPPT solar charge controller
  • Adjustable input voltage for all home appliances and electronic devices
  • Customizable AC/solar input priority via LCD settings
  • Extended lifecycle with superior performance throughout
  • Compatible with mains voltage and generator power
  • Multiply power capacity capability through 9 units in parallel operation
  • Optional remote panel available
Download AXPERT MKS 1K 12V Data Sheet

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