Hoppecke Company’s brief introduction

HOPPECKE is a reputable electric energy-producing company (belonging to the Zoellner family) in Germany. It was founded in 1927 and has since garnered as many as 21 subsidiaries, representatives, partners, offices, distributors and production as well as assembly facilities worldwide. With more than 2000 employees and growing, the company has earned up to a turnover of €400 million. The firm is making real efforts and important contributions to solving the societal challenges that result from the implementation of the global climate protection goals via its forward-looking energy solutions.

Real and Alternative Electric Energy Solution for all

The world is in a consistent search of energy for whatever reason. Therefore, HOPPECKE provides a long-lasting solution to everyone’s power need. With the increasing need for electric power supplies especially for the functioning of our appliances in homes, machines in offices and markets, machineries in farms among others, the company feels responsible for all with their products. Its products have been really great options and alternatives for consumers in the named situation.

Experienced and professional power storage brand

What can you say of a brand name that has existed since 1927? Consistency and sustainability right? There you have it! That’s exactly what HOPPECKE offers in every of their products. The brand represents leading production researches and development activities. This is evident in its non-relenting strides to stay on top of its game with innovative storage technologies and huge range of product portfolio.

Real understanding of product market and consumer needs

HOPPECKE has always demonstrated real understanding of its product market and consumer needs. It understands that electric energy is required everywhere and in ever more applications. It thus chose to bridge the gap between this need and people by providing energy solutions for users’ safety and availability via four principal areas of application which include emission-free drives (Trak), secured power supply (grid), storage of regenerative energies (sun) and railway and metro-systems (rail).

Consistent brand development activities

In a bid to serve customers better, HOPPECKE is always having all hands on desk especially in the areas of brand development. The firm has just announced INTILION as the group’s new acquisition on April, 2019. This has since gone down as one of the recent milestones achieved by the ever-growing group. INTILION is a brilliant acquisition since it is a lithium-based system and innovative operator model for industrial traction and stationary battery storage applications. It promises to collaborate strategically with HOPPECKE to improve on its long-term dream of consistently providing alternative power options for everyone’s use.

Wide range of products

HOPPECKE don’t deal just batteries as alternative to power consumption demands. Rather, it has a wide range of products and products’ specifications depending on consumers’ needs and demands. These include power lines (batteries), combiner lines (components), service lines (360 degree service) and systemize (energy systems).