Our Story

Founded in 2016 by in Gaza, Palestine. Megapower has a vision for renewable energy and a sustainable future. We focus on developing solar power projects for the commercial sector. We assess, design, and build custom solar power projects according to the specific needs of our clients. In addition, we are also wholesalers of solar energy products, ensuring that our clients have access to the latest and most innovative products on the market. Megapower is committed to making renewable energy more accessible and affordable for everyone.
The establishment of Megapower was a natural progression on the previous business Techland run by the founder and partners with a focus on IT and telecommunications, After the success of Techland, and as the trends for solar energy started growing after 2012. The founders decided to branch off into renewable energy with Megapower.

Megapower has a strong presence in the palestine, Middle East and Africa, with a total of almost 40 employees. Many of these employees are experts in renewable energy, and they are able to provide our clients with the best possible service. We are proud of our team and its ability to help our clients achieve their goals. As of October 2022, Megapower has commissioned around 293 commercial projects with a total of approximately 35 megawatts (MW) installed. This has generated approximately 120,432.53 megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean energy and saved around 289,812.3 tons of carbon emissions.

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity:

Our commitment to being honest and fair with our customers is what has allowed us to create a successful business model that benefits everyone involved. We will continue to uphold these values in everything we do in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and support a sustainable planet. Honesty and integrity are the core of our success

Team Work:

Every person at every level has value to our company. Their contributions as a team create the impact our clients have come to know and trust. We rely on every member of our team to contribute their unique skills and perspectives in order to create the best possible service for our clients.


We are the agents of change and we always work to exceed expectations. We strive for continuous improvement in everything we do and are never satisfied with mediocrity. We never want to just meet expectations, we want to go above and beyond them. We want to be the driving force that creates new opportunities and progresses society. We implement the latest technology in renewable energy to offer the best solutions for powering your businesses and homes. Our goal is to provide you with clean, efficient, and affordable energy that will help reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.


We are dedicated to our clients and to our own philosophy, and most importantly to a cleaner and more sustainable planet for everyone. Creating a clean and sustainable planet is not only the right thing to do for future generations, but it is also essential for the health and well-being of our planet as a whole. We are committed to doing our part to create a better world for all.

Our Mision

Our mission:

We aspire to be the leading sustainable and clean energy partner for businesses, industrial customers, hospitals, schools, and homeowners. We are committed to providing our clients with renewable and efficient energy solutions that will help them achieve their sustainability goals. In addition to reducing emissions, our products and services will also help our clients save money on their energy bills. We also aim to expand and be the leading sustainable energy partner for businesses, serving commercial and industrial sectors around the world. We are committed to providing our customers with clean, efficient, and cost-effective energy solutions that will help them meet their sustainability goals.

Our Vision

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading renewable energy company around the world. We carry forward our vision by educating businesses and individuals about the benefits, necessity, and utility of establishing solar as an alternative source of energy. Solar power is a sustainable, earth-friendly resource that can help lower energy costs, reduce environmental pollution, and create jobs. We are committed to helping others see the value in making the switch to solar so that we can work together to create a cleaner, brighter future for all We provide knowledge and affordable solutions to help individuals and communities alike lessen their ecological footprints. Our ultimate goal is to help create a more sustainable planet for current and future generations.

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

As a sustainable energy company, we believe that sustainability is essential for a healthy environment and a thriving economy. Solar energy is a key part of the transition to a sustainable future. It is a renewable resource that does not produce greenhouse gas emissions, and it provides a clean and affordable source of electricity. A sustainable future is one that uses clean energy sources like solar to power our homes and businesses. We are committed to sustainability, and the importance of sustainability is something that we take seriously. We believe that it is important to be sustainable in order to protect our planet and its resources. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainability practices, and we encourage others to do the same. Solar power is a cost-effective way to generate energy, with a return on investment that is usually short-term. Just a few years after the commissioning of a solar power project, it can provide free energy for a long time. The solar system will become a valuable asset for the business and will be an ongoing source of energy for a long time. Money spent on solar energy is an investment that will continue to pay off for years to come.