Renergy Power is a leading British manufacturer offering a wide range of industrial batteries and renewable energy storage solutions, Traction, Telecom and Automotive. Renergy Power sells their products locally in the UK, and internationally.

Our PVC deep cycle gel battery is designed particularly to help high-density power backup application such as off-grid application and solar power plant application. PVC deep cycle gel battery can help your renewable energy business to grow.

1. Fast Charge

We value time the same as you do. One of the problems with the battery is the long charging time. Our PVC deep cycle gel battery has fast charging technology which allows you to charge the battery within a short time. Therefore, your time can be saved.

3. Less Maintenance

For off-grid applications, it is prominent to develop a battery that needless maintenance. It is because doing maintenance in remote areas could be a great deal and would cost a lot of time and money. Therefore, our PVC deep-cycle gel battery is designed to help you to tackle this issue by making it reliable.

Download Data Sheet

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Features and performances

  1. Low self-discharge
  2. Flame retardant
  3. Wide range of temperature operation
  4. Fast charging technology

Test and Certificates

Our PVC batteries range has obtained the IEC61427 Certificate,  IEC60896 Certificate and CE, they’ll be internationally recognised certificates, also they’ve successfully passed all the international tests by a third-party organization.

For a copy of our certificates please click on the link below: