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What is Solar Energy

Solar energy is, simply, energy provided by the sun. This energy is in the form of solar radiation, which makes the production of solar electricity possible.

Electricity can be produced directly from photovoltaic, PV, cells. (Photovoltaic literally means “light” and “electric.”) These cells are made from materials which exhibit the “photovoltaic effect” i.e. when sunshine hits the PV cell, the photons of light excite the electrons in the cell and cause them to flow, generating electricity.

Solar energy produces electricity when it is in demand – during the day particularly hot days when air-conditioners drive up electricity demand.

In use, solar energy produces no emissions. One megawatt hour of solar electricity offsets about 0.75 to 1 tonne of CO2.

PV panels are being used increasingly, both in the city and in remote locations, to produce electricity for households, schools and communities, and to supply power for equipment such as telecommunication and water pumps.

Who we are

We provide a variety of advanced technology solutions to a wide range of clients, including: government, non-profit organizations, hospitals, schools, businesses and homeowners. 
We design and build solar energy systems that is capable to support a variety of our clients’ needs. Whether your aim is to have decent lighting system in your home or to operate an entire factory, our team will be there to design and build the most efficient system for you.
We are specialist wholesaler of photovoltaic systems, solar modules, inverters batteries and all other components of photovoltaic systems.

Solutions we offer

Mega Power offers variety of solutions for clean energy, we design, build and commission a solar power systems for residential, businesses, NGOs, and also we offer a backup power solutions.
MegaPower is a leading Solar panel manufacturers and provides a wide portfolio of solar products like solar panel system for home, solar power cells, solar panel roof tiles and solar energy installation.
MegaPower Solutions installs renewable energy applications such as solar, wind, and micro-hydro for residential, commercial, and governmental facilities.